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30 Apr 2021 » The Phoenix Project #dev-ops #book-notes #theory-of-constraints

Theory of constraints applied to IT operations.

22 Mar 2021 » Fun with docker networks #containers #network

How to find out a container responsible for a given open port on a host.

28 Nov 2020 » Notes on creating a telegram bot #golang #cloud

I've created a telegram bot to give me a daily updates to a webpage I was tracking. This is a hobby project and the hosting price is an important concern.

17 May 2020 » Remote debug your go code #golang

08 Feb 2020 » Natural project planning #process #book-notes

15 Dec 2019 » FIPS compliant crypto in golang #golang

08 Oct 2019 » Zero to One #management #book-notes

25 May 2019 » Elastic Management Philosophy #management

How to build a great engineering organization — advice from Elastic's SVP Engineering.

21 May 2019 » Server Name Indication with Traefik and Go #golang #network

How to setup Server Name Indication with Traefik.

23 Feb 2019 » The Slowest Hiker #book-notes #theory-of-constraints

How to improve any process.

19 Jan 2019 » Set up AWS Lambda with terraform #cloud

09 Jan 2019 » OpenVPN and DNSes on Ubuntu #linux

09 Jan 2019 » AWS Lambda to invalidate CloudFront when S3 object changes #cloud

08 Dec 2018 » Fire and Motion #management

24 Nov 2018 » Change the maximum number of open files in ubuntu 18.10 #linux

18 Nov 2018 » Nvidia on Ubuntu 18.10 requires lightdm #linux

After a upgrade from 18.04 my external monitor stopped working. Installing lightdm was the solution.

11 Nov 2018 » Use wine to run windows JDK on linux #linux

02 Nov 2018 » Diagnose SSD failures #fail

How to minitor health of SSD drives, case study on my failed Kingston SUV500MS480G.

30 Sep 2018 » Ubuntu 18.04 on Thinkpad P51 #linux

Back to Linux after almost 3 year hiatus.

08 Sep 2018 » Zoom and Kubuntu 18.04 #linux

Fix annoying issues with Zoom and HiDPI on Kubuntu 18.04.

12 Jul 2018 » JMH - Java Microbenchmark Harness #java

Notes I've took while doing a microbenchmark of some code. Not really structured, but maybe useful for future me.

27 Jun 2018 » Who's Got the Monkey? #management #book-notes

Classic advice on time management.

29 May 2018 » JVM Class Data Sharing #java

This post describes how to enable Class Data Sharing (CDS) for a java app and what are the benefits of doing so.

13 May 2018 » Notes from Geecon 2018

Conference notes.

18 Apr 2018 » Learning VIM with Spacemacs #emacs

I just don't grok the vi (yet).

02 Apr 2018 » 12 Rules For Life #book-notes

09 Mar 2018 » IT Career Options #talk

Talk about career options for pupils of my old highschool

07 Dec 2017 » Shell in Emacs - Performance #emacs

20 Oct 2017 » Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple's Success #book-notes

08 Sep 2017 » Elasticsearch and absolute_form in HTTP/1.1 request line #elastic

Elasticsearch doesn't accept some of the HTTP/1.1 incompliant clients for a security reason.

02 Apr 2017 » Encrypt the traffic between nodes in your elasticsearch cluster #elastic

Encrypting the traffic between elasticsearch nodes using X-Pack security.

06 Mar 2017 » How to put AWS Cloudfront in front of S3 hosting a static website

Some AWS API quirks make it hard to use folder level index documents via terraform.

25 May 2016 » Elastic Cloud Architecture #talk #elastic

My talk at ElasticNL meetup in Nieuwegein.

07 Mar 2016 » Chamberconf 2016

The only fixed item on the schedule is the time of the diner!

06 Mar 2016 » You Know, for Search... #elastic

Year 2016 brings new challenges. I joined Elastic to work on the Cloud team.

05 May 2015 » Elasticsearch in Production #talk #elastic

Lessons Learned from Deploying and Managing Multi Billion Document Search Engine at Egnyte - my talk at Poznan Java User Group.

06 Apr 2015 » Elasticsearch Caches - Fielddata #elastic

Exploring elasticsearch caches and memory usage - fielddata.

26 Mar 2015 » Elasticsearch Workshop at Poznań University of Technology #talk #elastic

I've conducted an Elasticsearch workshop at my university Career Fairs

23 Mar 2015 » Make Me a Cluster #elastic

Easily provision an Elasticsearch cluster for fun, experimentation and profit.

16 Jan 2015 » Profiling Python Scripts

Run snake, run! How to profile python scripts with ease.

08 Jan 2015 » Delaying Proxy in NodeJS

It is about time to add a new tool to your toolbox.

06 Dec 2014 » How do High Frequency Traders Make Their Money? #book-notes #finance

Michael Lewis offers a good story plus a layman introduction to high-frequency trading.

26 Nov 2014 » Accessing Elasticsearch Cluster over https #elastic

Access your cluster securely in python or in java.

22 Oct 2014 » Searching for Product Name in Elasticsearch #elastic

How to implement good search on product name in Elasticsearch.

20 Oct 2014 » Elasticsearch Refresh #elastic

The problem with near-realtime search and *update-by-query*.

30 Sep 2014 » Two Recently Discovered Emacs Plugins

Edit your gmail messages with emacs and make http requests from your favorite editor

31 Jul 2014 » Standing Desk at Home

Use a laptop tray to create a standing desk at home with (almost) no effort.

08 Jul 2014 » Host Gitlab on DigitalOcean

Building own github in the cloud.

26 Jun 2014 » CAP Theorem and Elasticsearch #elastic

Will it fail together with the network?

20 May 2014 » MapDB #java

Fast, off-heap java database with a collection interface.

24 Apr 2014 » Samsung Fail #fail

How not to update firmware + solution.

15 Apr 2014 » Near real-time analytics #fail

Big data = big fail?

30 Mar 2014 » Java 8 Released #java

Whats new in Java 8? Where to start learning?

20 Mar 2014 » Project Lombok #java

Never write your getters again!

28 Feb 2014 » A Note on MongoDB for Java Developers Course

A study of a scandal with MongoDB.

19 Jan 2014 » Second Week of Mongo M101J Course

First impressions on MongoDB and M101J course.

06 Jan 2014 » M101J - MongoDB for Java Developers

Free MongodDB course for Java Developers starts today.

07 Dec 2013 » Metaprogramming in Groovy #java

29 Aug 2013 » Personal Kanban #book-notes

Productivity system inspired by lean and agile ideas which helps you focus on what is important.

13 Aug 2013 » Markdown in the (Browser) Box

Clean and good looking emails including code & math. Write them using markdown and render to html within your browser.

08 Aug 2013 » Remote Debug Junit Tests Run From Ant #java

How to turn on remote debugging for junit testrunner in ant.

22 Jul 2013 » Ubuntu on Samsung Series 7 Ultrabook 730U #linux

Is it possible to install Xubuntu 12.04 on Samsung NP730U3E?

21 Apr 2013 » Be Your Own Certificate Authority

How to create a Certificate Authority and use it to generate SSL certificates.

22 Mar 2013 » Blogging Like a Hacker

A description of my blogging setup.