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Make Me a Cluster

23 Mar 2015 on elastic

Easily provision an Elasticsearch cluster for fun, experimentation and profit.

If you followed my blog you may known than I’m responsible for changing my employer’s in-house search appliance to a new one backed by Elasticsearch. We had a huge data volume, even though we are not fully migrated to Elasticsearch yet. During our day to day operations we see a lot of interesting cases. I think we reached that point where reading documentation, news groups and blogs is simply not enough to explain everything we see in the trenches. I often feel a need to experiment with an Elasticsearch cluster.

I’ve created an ansible playbook to provision one. With the playbook, ut is a dead-easy task to provision the cluster in matter of minutes. I use vanilla Ubuntu 14.04 machines on digital ocean, but any other cloud provide will work.

Additionally, on 26.03.2015 I’ll conduct a workshop on Elasticsearch at Poznań University of Technology, i.e. my alma matter. In order to make it simple for students I’ve created a cluster which we can use on the workshop.

Details are posted on github. Fork me there :-) The Elasticsearch Ansible Playbook. README file describes how it works, what is the cluster architecture, what is missing to use it in production and finally, why ansible.