Markdown in the (Browser) Box


Clean and good looking emails including code & math. Write them using markdown and render to html within your browser.

You need to write a long email. With all the sections, sub-section, lists, etc. You need to put some code there (or just let anybody know what God said to make the light). Luckily for you, html emails were invented - you can open the gmail UI and start typing… Wait. Did I mean gmail html editor? The one that needs three clicks to monospace a piece of code? There has to be a better way. And there is - use Markdown Here. A plugin to your browser which lets you write emails in Markdown and then render it with a key stroke.

As Jeff Atwood puts it, Markdown is a simple little human markup language. The chances are you use and love it already. Or maybe you’ve seen it on stackoverflow or github. If you’ve never heard about it I encourage you to read Jeff’s post.

Back to our main topic - Markdown Here is a wonderful browser plugin, which lets you type this:

Raw Text

Press Ctrl + Alt + M, and get this:

Rendered Html

You can go and get it. Enjoy!

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