A Note on MongoDB for Java Developers Course


A study of a scandal with MongoDB.

The on-line course - MongoDB for Java Developers - I’d attended recently is finished. According to the course dashboard

Certification of completion will be available for download through your MongoDB Dashboard on or before March 10th.

This was a great experience, kudos for all the guys at 10gen who made it happened. I really liked the final exam, especially the first few questions. The dataset they operated on was the Enron Corpus. This is

a large database of over 600,000 emails generated by 158 employees of the Enron Corporation.

The corpus is “unique” in that it is one of the only publicly available mass collections of “real” emails easily available for study, as such collections are typically bound by numerous privacy and legal restrictions which render them prohibitively difficult to access.

By the way, I recently watch a documentary movie, which studied the Enron scandal - Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. The movie was great and I can highly recommend it.

If you are curious, I scored 80% an the exam; together with the homework assignment this gives me the final grade of 90%.

This course was my first real experience with MOOCs. I had started one other course at Coursera, but was not motivated enough at that time to finish. I think that MOOCs can be great tools to learn new skills, especially if you follow them on-line and if they are accompanied by homework assignments/exams to keep you busy and motivated.

Update 2014-03-06 #

The certificates arrived.

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