Standing Desk at Home


Use a laptop tray to create a standing desk at home with (almost) no effort.

Looks like this standing desk is not a niche anymore. There are lot of articles on-line about its benefits and issues the people are facing (like this or this).

Anyways, I decided the last year that I want to try it. A dedicated desk for standing can be quite expensive and also you may need to ditch your current desk if your home office is small. Of course, this was to be an experiment, so I wanted to try it with minimal effort and cost.

Somewhere online (I do not recall the source now) I found a tip to use a laptop tray on top of a regular desk. I bought Lavolta on for around 30 GBP, but probably anything similar will do.

Now my home office looks like this

Standing desk

I do not stand all the time, but maybe 2-3 hours/per day. Its great if you feel tired or sleepy or if your back or neck feel a bit stiff.

The other thing that people recommend online is a gel mat to put behind your feet. Maybe I’ll try it one day :-).

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