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September 2017

Some of my contributions that I’m particularly proud of and that I can share with the general public.

» Elastic Cloud + Enterprise


I’m a tech lead for a small group within Elastic Cloud. We’re responsible for the core components of Elastic Cloud Enterprise, including services responsible for scheduling and running elastic stack and services containers.

Check my talk on Elastic Cloud and my blog post on Elastic Cloud Enterprise architecture.

The talk and post are from mid-2016 and since then we’ve evolved the architecture a bit, but the key tenets are there.

2012–2015 » Egnyte Connect


Egnyte connect as described on their webpage (as of 2017):

Egnyte Connect delivers Enterprise File Sync and share (EFSS), designed with businesses in mind, so IT can focus on security & performance, while users can access all their content from their desktop, mobile and browser.

I nice description of this project was written by my tech lead — Kalpesh Patel for High Scalability blog post Egnyte Architecture: Lessons Learned In Building And Scaling A Multi Petabyte Distributed System.

Working for Egnyte was a great experience for me. Egnyte has a huge distributed system which results in a lot of interesting challenges for the engineering group. Plus, I had the opportunity to work with some really smart guys including Kalpesh.

Somewhere on my second year there I was responsible for a rewrite of Egnyte’s file search engine, which started my elasticsearch journey. See also my talk on that — Elasticsearch in Production.

2010 » Master’s Thesis

Poznan University of Technology

5 years at Poznan University of Technology with a dash of L’Université Paris-Dauphine resulted in the Master’s Thesis that I’m quite proud of — Interactive Evolutionary Algorithm for Robust Multi-Objective Optimization.

The thesis is in a super-interesting field of multi-criteria decision support. I’ve written the accompanying software in scala, which proved to be a valuable experience later on, when I’ve joined Elastic to work on Elastic Cloud.

2010 » stxnext.staticdeployment

stxnext.staticdeployment is a tool to deploy Plone site to static files. It supports Plone 3 and Plone 4.

This is an honorable mention. Probably my first open source contribution of any significance. I’ve developed staticdeployment as a part of my first job, while still in the university.

I worked for STX Next at that time. One of our customers, a financial institution, wanted us to help them develop and deploy a Plone based CMS. This CMS was intended to be their public facing website and security was a big concern for them.

We’ve developed a system, in which Plone was available as a CMS, but only within their internal network. Then, when new content was ready to be publish, a designated employee approved it and hit the “deploy” button. The content of the CMS was converted to static html+resources files and these files are mounted on a read-only partition of their webserver. Actually, it was a little bit more involved with nginx server side includes and unix pixie dust.

The part that walked Plone object tree, and generated static files out of it, was later reused and open-sourced by my employer. Fast forward few years and all that remained is a pypi package page.