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08 Sep 2017 » Elasticsearch and absolute_form in HTTP/1.1 request line #elastic

Elasticsearch doesn't accept some of the HTTP/1.1 incompliant clients for a security reason.

02 Apr 2017 » Encrypt the traffic between nodes in your elasticsearch cluster #elastic

Encrypting the traffic between elasticsearch nodes using X-Pack security.

25 May 2016 » Elastic Cloud Architecture #talk #elastic

My talk at ElasticNL meetup in Nieuwegein.

06 Mar 2016 » You Know, for Search... #elastic

Year 2016 brings new challenges. I joined Elastic to work on the Cloud team.

05 May 2015 » Elasticsearch in Production #talk #elastic

Lessons Learned from Deploying and Managing Multi Billion Document Search Engine at Egnyte - my talk at Poznan Java User Group.

06 Apr 2015 » Elasticsearch Caches - Fielddata #elastic

Exploring elasticsearch caches and memory usage - fielddata.

26 Mar 2015 » Elasticsearch Workshop at Poznań University of Technology #talk #elastic

I've conducted an Elasticsearch workshop at my university Career Fairs

23 Mar 2015 » Make Me a Cluster #elastic

Easily provision an Elasticsearch cluster for fun, experimentation and profit.

26 Nov 2014 » Accessing Elasticsearch Cluster over https #elastic

Access your cluster securely in python or in java.

22 Oct 2014 » Searching for Product Name in Elasticsearch #elastic

How to implement good search on product name in Elasticsearch.

20 Oct 2014 » Elasticsearch Refresh #elastic

The problem with near-realtime search and *update-by-query*.

26 Jun 2014 » CAP Theorem and Elasticsearch #elastic

Will it fail together with the network?