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12 Jul 2018 » JMH - Java Microbenchmark Harness #java

Notes I've took while doing a microbenchmark of some code. Not really structured, but maybe useful for future me.

29 May 2018 » JVM Class Data Sharing #java

This post describes how to enable Class Data Sharing (CDS) for a java app and what are the benefits of doing so.

20 May 2014 » MapDB #java

Fast, off-heap java database with a collection interface.

30 Mar 2014 » Java 8 Released #java

Whats new in Java 8? Where to start learning?

20 Mar 2014 » Project Lombok #java

Never write your getters again!

07 Dec 2013 » Metaprogramming in Groovy #java

08 Aug 2013 » Remote Debug Junit Tests Run From Ant #java

How to turn on remote debugging for junit testrunner in ant.